In the old days, I mean before Google, to start a business, you would need to register it with your local authorities. Once the paperwork is completed, the authorities have check out your personal record and checked out the listed premises that you intend operating from, they would award you a letter or certificate with a registration number.

Get a Business Registration Number

Today, you need two things. To have an EIN and a listing on You can get all this done from your laptop or personal computer. First, if you are in the US, to obtain a US business registration number get a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) here. Second, logon to Google My Business at to get your business listed on Google.

Why do you want to register on Google?

Google has been the number one search engine in the world for a number of years and will continue to dominate the search market for years to come. It’s the first place that most people start their online browsing. So, if your brand is one that is well known, if people search for your brand name on google, you want all the information that you think is relevant to that person to appear.

What information should I list on Google?

Google will display all the information you provide to the user. Google will display all the information relevant to your business or brand. Things like phone numbers, email address, physical address, or website. Often times, I am driving to a specific information and use to find the business and then look up their physical address. If the business has a listing on Google My Business, then they would show up on Google Maps and I can navigate to them using the navigation function.

Verify your business with Google

If you have completed your Google My Business listing, google will ask you to verify your business. When you are verified, a little verified symbol appears next to your business name in Google, Google Plus, Google Maps and anywhere else that your business is listed on the Google network.

Get Verified on Google

Get Verified on Google

What does this all mean?

Well, for any business be it online and offline, having your business listed is very important to create a holistic shopping experience for your consumer. The truth is that as a new business, I may not know where my customers are going to find me, but I do know that if someone hears the name Bridgeight Media and decides to search it in google, I will be found. This gives me credibility in their eyes because I am listed, and that they can see that my business physically exists. People can contact me a number of different ways just by searching in Google. Google has now become an enabler to by business.

In summary, Google is great for your business because they have the potential to bring people to your business. I will write another piece on Inbound marketing strategy in which I will cover more SEO and other strategies.

If you would like help to get your business listed on Google, feel free to contact me. Bridgeight Media is here to serve your digital creative and marketing needs.

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