About Us

We are digital bridge builders…

We have a passion for digital marketing and love enabling businesses owners with the tools and integrations they need to grow your business online. We therefore focus on helping professional coaches and consultants bridge the chasm that exists between their business and the technology needed to market and deliver their services. 

We make the online component of your business hassle free.

As a coach or consultant, you are probably overwhelmed by everything you need to run a business. 

You need to actively look for new clients, speak at live and online events, develop your coaching skills, run your business, build a fan base, post to their community on social media and deal with all the other tech requirements of your website and online systems. 

We make the tech side of your businesses hassle free. We manage all the elements of the online side of your business, including marketing funnels, membership websites, email marketing, event registration and Facebook advertising and Google Ads.

By providing a dependable and reliable process you can get back to doing what you do best knowing that the tech side of your business is taken care of. 

Our Story

Burhaan Pattel started making a living as a freelance marketer working to learn, develop and grow in any way possible to help clients build their online systems and automations. 

After just a few months of servicing clients day in and day out he realized that there was a real need in the industry to provide his clients with the best possible service possible at a reasonable cost. He broaden his skills, read books, talked to people in the industry and focused on delivering real results for his clients.

Bridgeight was born out of a passion for technology, results, analytics and helping people. 

Established in 2015, Bridgeight has helped numerous clients achieve real benefits through being our client’s GO-TO providers to building easy to understand workflows, campaigns and systems. All the stuff behind the scenes which take time away from businesses owners primary activity… running the business.

Now 5 years later, Bridgeight has grown to become a leading provider in services across the digital space focusing on helping professional coaches and consultants get more clients, deliver teachings through online training programs and engaging with their fans through media online.

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