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Email Retargeting – Get More Sales By Leveraging Email Automation (Tips to getting better results)

Show Notes In this video/episode I talk about email retargeting. Before I actually get into what email re-targeting is. I want to flesh a little …


Building a Remote Team – Dealing with Employees in Business

Working with people for the first time as a business can be challenging. In this episode, I talk about ways in which you can deal …


Digital Marketing Tools To Get The Job Done

Using the right digital marketing tools for the job is very important. If you use the wrong tool you may get to the outcome you …


Checklist To Start Your Business Online

Starting an online business can be challenging and daunting. I hope this checklist will help you get all the basic things you need to start …


Clients Vs Business Development

As business owners, we often spend time working more on client projects. While it’s important to work on your clients it’s important to work in …

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