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ActiveCampaign For Beginners: Full Step By Step Email Marketing Tutorial To Grow Your Email List

November 03, 20221 min read

ActiveCampaign For Beginners: Full Tutorial / Are you a beginner when it comes to using ActiveCampaign? Using Active Campaign for the first time? In my opinion, Active Campaign is is one of the best email and easiest marketing platforms to use today. In this video I'll give you a step-by-step guide and cover all the main tips, tricks and tactics that beginners need to know when using Active Campaign for the first time.

00:00 Introduction

01:24 Why you need an email list for your business

06:00 Starting your ActiveCampaign Account (Dashboard)

06:51 The importance of a Business Email account

07:40 Navigating the platform

11:00 Lists and why they are important (Lists, Tags)

13:39 Fields - Storing additional contact information

15:54 Forms (connecting to your website or landing page)

17:08 Settings To consider

18:21 How to search for specific contact or lead

19:55 Segmentation and how to use it

22:00 Sending a campaign (broadcast)

29:34 Automations

35:34 Reports

36:30 Pricing and which plan to choose

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Burhaan Pattel

In 2014 after reading Tim Ferris’s book “The Four Hour Work Week” he set a 100 day goal to be self sufficient and to leave his home country and start traveling the world. He since lives in Bangkok running a 6 figure marketing consultancy working with clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and the United States and other areas in the world.

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