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Is your marketing message clear enough?

September 19, 20223 min read

How do you grab people's attention?

Something I've been thinking about recently is messaging and how you are actually saying things to people, how you're writing them down in your emails? How are you communicating your value, intention, attention, love, respect, your value?

How you're serving people through your messaging and it comes down to just the basics of communication, right?

People are gonna understand you based on the tone, based on the words, based on the knowledge, the information that you're sharing. while we don't want people to judge us, the fact of the matter is that while you're watching this video right now, you're judging me based.

What I'm saying, by the way I look all of these things. And so through this video, I'm communicating to you that it's important to communicate in a way that's clear and that's concise. And that sends the message that you wanna send in a very short space of time. Time is important because well, one people don't have time to waste.

And so if they're reading an email and you know, there's just no point to what you've written down. And there's no structure and it's confusing and it's not clear you're gonna lose people's attention. We are living in a world where our attention is, is, is at, is at play. Our attention is the currency of the day.

at the end of the day, if you make content online, if you're trying to attract people to your business, if you can get that attention, then you win. if you can get people's attention, hold that attention for a certain amount of time. You get rewarded. how do you grab people's attention it's messaging it's what value you're communicating in your titles, in your subject lines, in your thumbnails for your YouTube videos in your , subject lines of your emails.

And your titles of your blog posts. If you're a writer, that's essentially what the value comes down to.

So as a marketer and as a business owner, one piece of advice that I can give you is, , figure out how to grab people's attention, how to get their attention and hold that attention. Cuz if you can communicate your value to people in a way that gives them a sense of security and trust in a very short space of time, then you will win.

As a marketer, we call that copywriting, right? It's like, how do you grab people's attention with a headline? Well, good copywriting. And so there's obviously formulas and there's methods and there's ways to write things. There's ways to say things there's formulas that have worked for ages. What do you want to say?

How do you wanna communicate it? How do you wanna structure? And what's the point of what you're saying? Like, what's the value? What is it in it for them? What are they gaining from what they're reading or what they're watching from you online?

It's all about how you say things, whether you are running a physical business or whether you're running a, an online business,

Burhaan Pattel

In 2014 after reading Tim Ferris’s book “The Four Hour Work Week” he set a 100 day goal to be self sufficient and to leave his home country and start traveling the world. He since lives in Bangkok running a 6 figure marketing consultancy working with clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and the United States and other areas in the world.

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