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Occupational TherApist
$46,163 In Course Sales
Jessica McMurdie is an Occupational Therapist and runs her own private OT practice in WA, US. We helped her launch T-School, a course to help OT's navigate the world of teletherapy. Thinkific even featured Jessica as a case study.
Fuel With Food
Course Launched And Growing
Mona Jabbar Launched an 8-week program to help you go from feeling frustrated with dieting to using food as a tool to feel your best self!
Speaker and Course Creator
Saved Hours Of Time And Effort
Tom Jackobs migrated his courses to Thinkific and automated his back end processes to make sure that his coaching and courses business runs with minimal interuption and fuss.
Stellar Reviews
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We focus on results, both for you as the course creator and for your students.
Jessica McMurdie is an Occupational Therapist and runs her own private OT practice in WA, US. We helped her launch T-School, a course to help OT's navigate the world of teletherapy.

Salmara Chatman M.D.
The Center For Functional Health And Wellness
Michigan, US
Burhaan has helped me with so much in my business.  He's helped me create a great learning experience for my coaching clients, coached me on automations that have made my business operate so smoothly and helped me get on track with publishing content on YouTube. His expertise is unmatched!

Tom Jackobs
Business Lead Maximizer
Texas, USA
I highly recommend Burhaan for his personalized marketing expertise. Burhaan is incredibly knowledgable when it comes to the intricacies of online, digital marketing and technology. I really appreciate his well rounded level of skills and expertise and his ability to customize and organize a marketing strategy... See more

Jessica McMurdie
Play It Forward Therapy
Washington, US
He made the process of redesigning my Shopify Store truly delightful, not only as a consummate professional - but also as a very personable, caring man who wanted to ensure my satisfaction with the process and the result. Recommended without reserve!

Christopher S.
Georgia, USA
I can’t recommend Burhaan highly enough. At a time when my business was stalling, Burhaan provided a well thought out strategy and forecast then backed it up by executing our digital marketing campaigns to the highest standard. Updating and tweaking daily to ensure we deliver on the results we ... See more

Richard Davis
London, UK
Burhaan is a fantastic individual and entrepreneur who puts the well being of his clients first and has been doing so for more than 3 years. He is dedicated to making an impact and is constantly working to improve the value that he brings. I see big things for Burhaan moving forward and I look forward to playing... See more

Mitch Gandy
Puerto Rico
Working with Burhaan is a joy. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, and professional, he is also really easy going and pleasant to work with - and that goes a long way in my books. I highly recommend his services, and that's coming from a fellow marketing strategist. Burhaan's attention to detail is gr... See more

Adele Mei
Pilton, UK
Burhaan was pivotal in helping me systemize and automate my online marketing for Sister Suppers. He offers ideas, strategies and insights that allow me to focus on growing the business and the community without get caught up with the details. He truly cares about the vision of Sister Suppers. He is part of t... See more

Tiffany Scott
Sister Suppers
Texas, US
Thank you Burhaan. I really appreciate all your hard work and support throughout. You have been my constant whenever I needed help.

Nikita L.
Burhaan is the best Facebook expert we ever used! He is extremely experienced, most efficient and very committed to make each project work to be come successful! Great to work with him any time!!

Charles J.
Hong Kong

Burhaan did a fantastic job, helping us with our campaign for a festival launch. The nature of the event made attribution a little complicated but I am convinced there was a clear return on investment. He took the time to ensure I understood the process and was looped in at all times. If you've been putting off Facebook Advertising because it's too time-consuming or is too confusing, talk to Burhaan. He'll be able to help you kick goals in your business.

Lucas James
Quest Festival
Burhaan Pattel has been an essential part of creating the foundation for marketing my evergreen course. He made the process of creating the course and marketing assets feel seamless from beginning to end. He also patiently explained the process so I knew how all the pieces fit. I truly appreciate working with him!

Mona Jabbar
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Online courses allow you to scale your practice, by helping more people live healthy fulfilling lives. We help private practice owners create and launch your online courses fast.

We take you from course idea to creation and marketing, to make sure that your course launch is a success.
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