How to Grow Your Business with Online Memberships

When you start a business, you are often seeking to generate revenue and scale within a given time frame. Along the way, you meet challenges and even hit roadblocks that might impede growth. But suppose everything moves smoothly and you actually achieve growth, how do you know whether you’re doing just fine, or if there is still more that you could do to perform even better?

Measure and benchmark, then learn and adopt as you go – that’s how. While there are many ways to approach these processes, online membership sites provide the best platforms and tools for any business owner who is seeking to grow their enterprise.

First things first, what are membership sites?

Memberships, which have become quite popular across the online business world today, are websites that you pay for periodically (often monthly) in exchange for access to information, online courses, tools and even expert(s) that could benefit you as a person or your business.

The subscriptions you pay to a membership site often gives you access (usually unlimited) to a sort of private members area where the material or resources you need are provided in an ongoing basis.

As it is, growing a business successfully is all about having the right strategy and resources. This is where memberships come in handy. They provide you with  a resource-rich environment that you can utilize in the following ways to get your business to scale.

Build meaningful, high value networks

Membership sites are comprised of communities of people who have interests and goals that are often similar to your own. So, joining a membership puts you within a platform or environment that has high value networks to add to your existing network.

They could be fellow businesses with whom you can collaborate in marketing or any other mutual deals, or prospective customers to whom you can close sales. Either way, these communities are great resources as far as moving your business forward is concerned.

Depending on the kind of business you’re running and the quality of networks you build, you can end up with people who promote your business. Or, you could find people who will support you, stick with you, and be there to celebrate with you the accomplishments you make down the line.

Brainstorm and exchange ideas with other similar businesses

Doing business can often be characterized with the fear of missing out on opportunities that you are not privy to, or complacency that tends to set in when you feel like you’ve made some solid growth.

Both positions or mindsets can affect your performance in business. For one, fear of missing out (also known as FOMO) on opportunities and feeling that you might be lagging behind the industry could lead you into settling for underhand tactics. These might only affect quality and hurt your business down the line.

Complacency on the other hand is dangerous as it can seriously kill momentum by dampening your growth mentality.

Joining memberships is one powerful way to cure both the unfavorable scenarios. You’ll be in the company of your peers or similar industry players as yourself, so you can share ideas such as the latest technological  advancements, industry statistics and latest market information, and in the process gather information regarding your market information.

It doesn’t end at getting accurate information regarding your position in the industry. Rather, you are able to learn from the other businesses the methods they’re using to get where they are. You can then be able to borrow some strategies for yourself.

Your business is hitting a plateau and you’re wondering how to best to promote it to new markets? You are divided between two or more online marketing options and don’t know where to head? You have a new business idea in the pipeline that is yet to be fully formed and you’re wondering how best to refine it? You could seek and get some quality feedback around that idea to inform your thought process without necessarily letting the cat fully out of the bag.  

By benchmarking with your peers and brainstorming together while sharing business ideas, you can usually come up with new, or more refined strategies to drive your business forward.   

Heed the specific advice you receive from experts

One of the main reasons you join a membership site is for education purposes. Depending on the membership model, there could be online courses that help you fill a knowledge gap necessary to get your business ahead.

More importantly, most memberships normally give you access to an expert in your area of practice or a team of experts who can be of help any time you need it. Joining the membership puts you under their radar, especially for a support centric membership site, so you always have access to expert advice whenever you need some.

These could be online marketing gurus, management specialists, seasoned entrepreneurs or some other experts with knowledge and experience in your respective area or specific aspect of your business. By implementing the advice that you receive from them, you can be able to realize tremendous results in your business.

Research what really gets the results you want

Other than just seek support and community or networks, a membership site can be a rich source of information for any general purpose. Perhaps you want to form a membership site yourself to create a community for your own business. One way to get it right the first time is to join a membership site and study how the site is run so that you can know how to go about your own.

While at it, keep an eye out for the structure or type of content that is put on the membership site and how people interact with that content. You’ll also want to look at the pricing models of the membership sites that you join. Usually, you’ll want to join more than one membership site if your aim is to gather enough knowledge to hone you into being able to successfully run one of your own.

Whatever the case, you’ll realize that a membership site focuses a lot on delivering value, solving people’s problems, and offering something that contributes to helping their businesses succeed or grow. Additionally, you’ll notice that content types and structures often range from videos to live sessions, eBooks and many more.

Alternatively, you could just join membership sites with an open mind for purposes of getting information on a given area related to your business.

Wrap up

There are many ways and many strategies for growing your business. In today’s world however, the Internet is home to a number one resource that you cannot ignore if you want to really grow as a business. While you could rely on the social media and such other elements of the Internet, membership sites are targeted and highly rich with business-centric resources, hence worth a try.

Whether you choose to join an existing membership site and use it as a resource to grow your existing business, or simply join one to learn and use that knowledge to create your own membership site is upon you to decide. Either way, you’ll be happy you took that step.

Burhaan Pattel

Burhaan Pattel

Founder of Bridgeight - Digital Bridge Builder, Certified Google Ads Partner, Facebook Marketer, Funnel Builder & Coach.

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