Creating Valuable Content That Encourages Customer Engagement

As a coach and business owner, it can be hard to figure out what kind of content will drive engagement with your target audience. You may feel like you’re just throwing content to the wall to see what sticks. It can be frustrating when you put hours into creating content without getting the response you hoped for from potential clients. Use these tips to draw in your audience and spark their interest in interacting with you (and each other).

Know Your Audience

Before you can create content that appeals to a specific audience, it’s important that you know your ideal customer. What does your ideal customer’s family look like? What do they do in their free time? Do they work a full-time job? Do they have kids? While you’ll always have some outliers, it’s likely that your business will appeal to a few specific demographics. If you haven’t figured out who your ideal customer is, using a buyer persona template can help you hone on exactly who you hope appears in your inbox. Once you know who you’re working to appeal to, figuring out what kind of content to offer becomes much easier.

Ask Questions and Get Feedback

Not sure what kind of content would be valuable to your client? Ask them. Creating a poll on twitter, facebook, or youtube, depending on where your audience hangs out, can be a huge help in figuring out what kind of content to create. You can also send out a survey via email to existing and past clients to learn more about what kind of content they’d like to see. The benefit here is twofold: first, you’ll learn more about where your clients are struggling and how you can help. Secondly, when you create the content they’ve indicated would be valuable to them, they’ll be more likely to check it out. Let people know the content they needed was created for them. You can also use this as a conversation starter. Direct message the people who voted for the content you ended up creating with a link to the content. This allows you to naturally interact with your customers in an authentic way. As we discussed in the previous post, this is key for building trust with potential clientele.

Solve A Problem

Look at the people you’re coaching- what’s a problem that they’re having? How are you helping them solve that problem? Create high-quality content surrounding this topic. If your clients are sharing a frustration, your potential clients are struggling with it as well. Take your clients issues and use them as a window into the bigger picture.

Don’t Try To Be Everything To Everyone

At this point in the game, you’ve thought about who you’re trying to attract with your content. Don’t be afraid to dig deep, double down on your values, and say something that won’t appeal to every single person who views your social media content. It’s ok if your content doesn’t appeal to everyone, as long as it appeals to your particular customer. Not every single person you encounter is going to be a part of your tribe, and that’s ok.


Everyone loves a success story. Highlight one of your clients who is doing an amazing job (with their permission, of course) on social media. You’ll boost the ego of your client in a legitimate, appreciated way, and it’s likely that you’ll drive post engagement as well. People love to cheer each other on. Provide hard data on what your client has achieved, and watch the compliments flow through the comments section.

Do Your Homework

Research and test what types of content tend to work best with your target market. Strategies that drive engagement on one platform may not do so on another. After you post, pay attention to what works well for you. Stay up to date on the latest trends for your social media platform of choice. Use data and tracking to see what content creates engagement with your followers. Don’t be afraid to switch up your strategy if what you’re doing isn’t working. If you’re noticing that a particular topic or format isn’t working well for you, try something new.

Burhaan Pattel

Burhaan Pattel

Founder of Bridgeight - Digital Bridge Builder, Certified Google Ads Partner, Facebook Marketer, Funnel Builder & Coach.

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