Interaction With Potential Customers: Why It Matters

For many businesses, the days of a customer walking into a storefront, shaking hands with the owner, and having a conversation are over. The internet has paved the way for amazing changes when it comes to business, but without face to face interaction, it can be hard to build trust with potential customers. When customers are debating whether to use your services, they need to know that you’re on their side and that you’re in it for the long haul. They need to know that you’re going to be there with them as their business grows. While the ways that business owners and coaches build trust with customers has changed, creating that relationship is still one of the most essential pieces of a successful coaching business.

Building Trust Through Engagement

Engaging with your potential customers on social media is one of the best ways to show your clients and potential clients that they can count on you. When you respond to comments and questions on your social media platforms, you’re showing your audience that you show up, day in and day out. Be sure to provide meaningful responses to comments. Authentically responding to each sentiment left by your followers shows that you care and want to communicate. Emojis can be fun in your responses, but be cautious not to rely on them as your sole response. As a coach, of course, you care about each individual client- responding with a unique, thoughtful message shows this to your potential clients.

Keep It Fun

Your social media doesn’t always have to be business-based! Some of the most successful posts by coaches and companies are around mundane, everyday activities, such as posting a picture of yourself with your pet and asking your audience to do the same in the comments. Most people love to talk about themselves, and asking them to engage with you in a fun way gives them the opportunity to do just that. Remember, thoughtful responses are key here. Most customers are social media savvy and will be able to tell if you’re really trying to get to know them or simply to boost your social media engagement.

Be Transparent

Had a recent hiccup in your business? Brainstorming things that you can do better? Don’t be afraid to put it out there to your potential audience. As they see you strive to make your business better, they’ll understand that you aren’t stuck in your ways. Transparency helps potential clients to see that you’re always working to improve yourself, and people who are self-starters value self-reflection. An honest post about what you’re improving in your business can go much further to build trust with your audience than a post about what you already do well.

Respond Quickly

This can be a bit painstaking, but it’s incredibly important. Quick responses show your potential clients that you’re engaged. It’s not necessary to respond within seconds around the clock, but it’s important to respond to all questions, comments, and messages within a short amount of time. Some platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, provide tools that help you simplify replying to messages when you’re not plugged in. Many entrepreneurs use the gold standard of trying to respond to all messages, comments, and questions within six hours, and never letting anyone go unanswered for more than 24 hours. It’s especially important to be plugged in when someone has a complaint and posts it as a comment or question on your social media. You want to be able to give your side of the story and come to a resolution as soon as possible, as potential customers are watching to see how you handle problems.

Show You Care

Social media gives business owners an amazing example to show a human side, rather than a business side, to potential clients. Share what you love- your family, charities to which you donate money/ time, your pets, your hobbies. Let your potential clients see that you’re a real person, not a robot.

Building trust takes time and consistency, as do most things that are worth doing. Stay the course with engagement on your social media, and you’ll begin to see your business grow.

Burhaan Pattel

Burhaan Pattel

Founder of Bridgeight - Digital Bridge Builder, Certified Google Ads Partner, Facebook Marketer, Funnel Builder & Coach.

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